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"Who the HECK is
Dael Kingsmill?"

Good question, but watch your language please.  

Ever gone to a lolly (read: candy) store and chucked a whole bunch of random delights into a big ol' bag to enjoy at your leisure? I'm like that, but with geeky goodies instead of sugary treats.


My YouTube channel is home to literally billions of my vids on everything from D&D expert deep dives to ancient mythological madness. If you'd prefer not to look at my face, perhaps you'd like to catch me on the Eldritch Lorecast talking game design. And, of course, you can always get in elbow deep with the rest of the MonarchsFactory community by joining us on Discord.

I pop up all over the place doing a whole bunch of stuff, so if you want to sample the latest additions to my mixed bag o' treats, you've come to the right place!

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aka Dael Kingsmill

Hello Humans, I'm Dael. I do lots of things, the most-geeky of which you can find here at MonachsFactory HQ.


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Copy of Blue Tips Health And Hygiene Dental Facebook Post-7.png

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